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Payroll Services

Regular Payroll – Unclassified Payroll & Classified Payroll
Special Payroll
Graduate Assistant Payroll
Student and Work-study Payroll
Common Employment Forms
Payroll Applications
Time Attendance System (TAS)

TAS Quick Overview Instructions
TAS Sign In
Classified & Hourly Time Card Entry
Professional Time Card Entry
Corrected Time Card Entry
Approving & Reviewing Time Cards
Corrected Time Card Approval
Manager Late Approval
TAS Workflow Application Guidelines

FOCUS Student Time Card System
Student Sick Time System
WINJA Student Payroll Authorization Application

Paycheck Information Self-Service (ePay)
ePay Quick Overview Instructions
ePay System Application

Hiring & HR Related

School of Fine Arts Hiring Policy & Procedures
General Guidance to Hiring Offer Letters
Faculty Offer Letters
Staff Offer Letters
Performance and Merit Evaluation Process
Disciplinary Action


Purchasing Procedures Quick Overview Guidelines
Out of Pocket Purchases
Purchasing Card Guidelines
ProCard User’s Manual
ProCard Reallocation Process


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Budget & Reporting

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